The Apron Game - Gold Polka Dots

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The Apron Game - Gold Polka Dots

The apron game is a popular activity often played at bridal showers. It's a fun and creative way to involve guests in creating a unique and sentimental gift for the bride-to-be.

It requires the guests to observe and remember the kitchen utensils attached to an apron worn by the bride-to-be.

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The apron game is not only a fun activity for guests to participate in, but it also results in a meaningful keepsake for the bride. The decorated apron serves as a reminder of the love and support she has from her friends and family as she embarks on this new chapter of her life.

❖ 1 SIGN (per page) - For printing on 5" x 7" paper
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Here's how the apron game typically works:

  • Materials Preparation: Before the bridal shower, the host gathers materials needed for the game. This usually includes a plain apron (preferably white or light-colored), fabric markers or paints, fabric glue, iron-on patches, rhinestones, ribbons, and any other decorative items.
  • Introduction: At the bridal shower, the host introduces the apron game to the guests. The guests are informed that they will be decorating an apron for the bride.
  • Decorating the Apron: Each guest is given a section of the apron to decorate. They can use the provided materials to write messages, draw pictures, or embellish the apron in any way they like. Some guests may choose to include inside jokes, words of wisdom, or well wishes for the bride and groom.
  • Personalization: Guests can personalize their sections of the apron based on their relationship with the bride. For example, family members might write heartfelt messages, while friends might include funny anecdotes or memories they share with the bride.
  • Assembly: Once all the guests have finished decorating their sections, the host assembles the apron, either by sewing the pieces together or using fabric glue to attach them.
  • Presentation: The completed apron is then presented to the bride-to-be. This can be done as a surprise, or the bride can be involved in the process, depending on the preference of the host and guests.

The Apron Game - Gold Polka Dots

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