Would she Rather Bridal Shower Game

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Would she Rather Bridal Shower Game

Are you looking for unique bridal shower games for your next event?

Printable Would She Rather bridal shower game is a fun and interactive game where guests circle the choice they think the bride to be would pick. It’s an entertaining way to get everyone involved and it can lead to some hilarious results.

Printable Would She Rather Bridal Shower Game

This is a great icebreaker for any group of people, so whether you know each other or not, everyone will have a blast playing this game with you.

If there are any awkward moments during the party, just play Would She Rather. It's super easy to set up - all you need is copies of this printable game (download at the end of this post), paper, pens, and prize(s).

Everyone loves such bridal shower games because they're so much fun!

How to play Would She Rather?

Once you have put together all the supplies, let's get to start the game.

Before you start this game, print a copy and hand it over to the bride. Have her answer all the questions first. This is your answer key for this game.

  • Distribute a copy of this printable game and a pen or pencil to each guest.
  • Set the timer. Start when everyone is ready to play.
  • Guests write their names and go through each question, circling the choice they think the bride to be would pick.
  • As soon as the timer goes off, it's time to exchange the finished game cards.
  • Have the guests swap their cards with their neighbors.
  • The host will read the correct answers and everyone will add a point for each correct answer.
  • The guest with the most correct answers wins.

If you end up with multiple winners, you can give them all the prizes. Alternatively, you can also ask them a bonus question. Whoever yells the correct answer first gets the prize.

Would She Rather Questions

Printable Would She Rather Game comes with hilarious questions already. If you decide to create your own version, here are some questions you can add to your custom game.

  • Drink Coffee OR Drink Tea?
  • Go to a Movie OR a Concert?
  • Go on a Cruise OR Go Camping?
  • Dog Person OR Cat Person?
  • Crunchy Cookies OR Chewy Cookies?

Make the questionnaire a mix of traditional and modern questions. Guests will enjoy thinking and answering these questions.

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Would she Rather Bridal Shower Game

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