Pass the Prize

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Pass the Prize
Pass the Prize

The Pass the Prize bridal shower game, is a great way to liven up your bridal shower. This fun and exciting bridal shower game is perfect for any shower, and it's sure to keep guests entertained.

How to play Pass the Parcel Bridal Shower Game?

You will need the supplies like Pass the Prize Printable; a Wrapped Prize or a table centerpiece.

To start playing,

  • Have your guests sit in a small circle.
  • The host will read the poem aloud.
  • As the poem is read, guests will pass the prize among each other, as per the rhyming rules.
  • The person with the prize or gift at the end of the shower wins!

This game will be a hit with your guests and is a great way to make the shower more interactive.

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Pass the Prize

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