Don't Say Baby Game Sign

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Dont Say Baby Game Sign

Download Don't Say Baby Game for your Baby Shower Party. This one is absolutely hilarious game where guests have to make sure they don't say the word "Baby". If they do, they end up losing their precious clothespin.

How to play Don't Say Baby Game?

This no prep - no mess game is pretty self-explanatory and easy to set up. All that the guests have to do is not to say the word "Baby"!

  • You will need the printed Don't Say Baby Sign. Frame it and put it on display where everyone who arrives can see it.
  • In a bowl, put enough clothespins so that every guest can have one.
  • If they wish to be a part of this game, they can grab one and put it on their clothes.
  • Now they can read the rules on this sign, and try not to say "Baby". If they do, they end up losing their clothespin.
  • The person with the most clothespin wins the game!

Now have fun listening to your guests using different words for the word "Baby". Everyone will be looking for a chance to steal others' pins. All in all, pretty fun and entertaining game!

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Don't Say Baby Game Sign

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