What's in your Purse Game

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Whats in your Purse Game

What's in your Purse Bridal Shower Game in a fun and interactive game that is sure to be a blast among your guests. Also called Purse Raid game, this Scavenger Hunt style game will make your event memorable among all the guests.

Free Printable What's in your Purse Game?

Now that you decided to include this game in your bridal shower party,

How do you play this game?

Well, it's very easy to play. All you need is a handful of items that are available at home. No fancy or expensive supplies are required.

To play this game, you will need these supplies.

  • White Cardstock Paper
  • Printable Game Sheets (Download at the end of this post)
  • Pens or pencils,
  • Prizes for the winners.

How to play What's in your Purse Game?

  • Print the What's in your Purse Game sheets.
  • Distribute among your guests.
  • They can either go through each item on the sheet and write the point score corresponding to each item.
  • Alternatively, you can create your own list of items and call them out one by one.
  • The guest with the most points wins!

Make it exciting by setting the timer. Players have to finish raiding their purses or bags before the time runs out.

This is going to be one hilarious and memorable evening well spent with your friends. Random things that will come out of the purses will have everyone bursting with laughter.

What's in your Purse Game Items List

You are free to download this printable or make your own. Many people want a simple list rather than a big one with lots of items. If you wish to create your own list, here are examples of some of the items you can include in your list.

What's in your Purse Bridal Shower Game

These easy to find items can be assigned 1 Point:
Driver's License
Cell Phone
Credit Card
Debit Card

Following items can be assigned 3 Points:
Library Card
$20 Bill
Safety Pin
Pen / Pencil
Cough Drops
Hair Band

Assign 5 Points to these items:
Nail Polish
Dental Floss
Hand Sanitizer
Business Card
Paper Clip
Sewing Kit
Gift Card

And so on. Items that you may think are so random and hard to find can be assigned the highest scores.

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Other names for this game

This game is also called:

  • Purse Scavenger Hunt
  • Purse Raid Game
  • What's in the Bag?
  • What's in your Purse?

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