Blush Pink Pacifier Hunt (Editable)

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Blush Pink Pacifier Hunt (Editable)
Blush Pink Pacifier Hunt (Editable)

Pacifier Hunt baby shower game in blush pink is a fun and exciting game that will keep everyone entertained. It is perfect for a girl baby shower and is sure to get everyone laughing.

This printable game is editable; you can edit the number of pacifiers in your version. So feel free to use as many pacifiers as you wish for your baby shower party.

How to play Pacifier Hunt Baby Shower Game?

This simple and easy-to-play game requires no fancy supplies and no major preparations. Here's how to play:

  • Hide a bunch of pacifiers around the party venue.
  • Set the timer when your guests are ready to play.
  • Ask them to find as many pacifiers as they can within the time limit.
  • The guest who collects the most pacifiers wins!

This is a great game for a baby shower because it is not only entertaining but also interactive. It gets everyone involved and laughing, which is what you want at a baby shower. Plus, it's a great way to get everyone moving around if the party starts to lull.

How to edit the PDF Printable Pacifier Hunt Game?

  • Open the pdf file in Adobe Reader.
  • Edit the highlighted field. In this case, it will be the number 36.
  • Write the number of pacifiers you will be using for your event.
  • Save the file

Blush Pink Pacifier Hunt (Editable)

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