Let's Make a Baby Game Sign

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Lets Make a Baby Game Sign

Download Let's Make a Baby Game for your Baby Shower Party. This one is an absolutely hilarious game where guests have to make a baby with play dough.

How to play Let's Make a Baby Game?

This no prep - no mess game is pretty self-explanatory and easy to set up. Guests  will have a great time making a baby out of a play dough!

  • You will need the printed Let's Make a Baby Sign. Frame it and put it on display where everyone who arrives can see it.
  • Set aside enough play dough for every guest.
  • They can grab some if they wish to be a part of this game.
  • Now, they can read the rules on this sign and try to make a baby.
  • When everyone is done, mom to be can pick her favorite.
  • The person who got picked wins the game!

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Let's Make a Baby Game Sign

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