Fall Baby Shower Bingo Game Cards

Fall Baby Shower Bingo is perfect for a Fall themed baby shower party. A fun addition to your baby shower games, this one is sure going to be a blast among your guests.

Fall Baby Shower Bingo

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Baby Shower Bingo is one of those traditional games still most played as one of the most popular baby shower games.

This no prep baby shower game has two versions – blank and prefilled.

Blank baby bingo, also known as baby shower gift bingo comes with empty square boxes. Whereas prefilled or traditional baby bingo has the squares filled in with text related to baby or pregnancy or with pictures.

Traditional baby bingo is popular among larger groups.

Fall Baby Shower Bingo

Fall Baby Shower Bingo Cards

Download Fall Baby Bingo Cards

Blank Baby Shower Bingo or baby shower gift bingo is best played among smaller groups. Have your guests fill in the blanks with what they think the new mom will receive.

As the gifts are opened, they will mark off the square boxes on their bingo cards for the gifts they got correct. The first one to get five in a row, wins!

You will need the following supplies to play:

  • Printed Blank Bingo Cards
  • A pen or a marker

To start playing,

  • Give each guest a blank bingo card, a pen or marker.
  • Ask them to fill the empty squares with the gifts they think the mom to be will receive.
  • Once they have filled the squares, mom to be will open her gifts.
  • Guests mark off the squares they got correct.
  • First person to get all five in a row, wins!

Download your free printable Fall Baby Shower Bingo Cards and make your Autumn themed baby shower event the most memorable one!