Baby Birth Pool Guess Game

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Baby Birth Pool Guess Game
Baby Birth Pool Guess Game

Baby Birth Pool Guess Game is a fun and interactive game that can entertain all your guests. This game allows guests to predict the baby's birth date, time, gender, weight, and height. It's a great way to keep everyone engaged and excited till the baby arrives.

How to Play Baby Birth Pool Guess Game

Before the shower:

  1. Download and print the Baby Birth Pool Guess Game sheet.
  2. Invite the guests to write their names and guesses for the baby's date and time of birth, gender, weight, and length.
  3. After all the guests have filled out the sheet, keep it aside till the baby arrives.

Grab the sheet and compare the predictions with the baby's birth details when the baby is born. The guest who comes closest to the actual birth date, time, gender, weight, or height wins the game. Offer them a prize or a small gift as a token of appreciation.

Why should you play Baby Birth Pool Guess Game?

Besides, this one is a fun game, this game:

  1. Is a great icebreaker and conversation starter, especially for guests who may need to learn each other better.
  2. Adds fun and excitement to the event. Everyone enjoys competing and guessing the baby's arrival details.
  3. Enables the guests to feel a sense of connection with the baby and their future birth story.

The game can hold all ages and is a great way to keep adults and children engaged throughout the baby shower.

Personalize Your Baby Birth Pool Guess Game

You can customize the Baby Birth Pool Guess Game by adding unique categories reflecting parents-to-be's interests. For example, you can add a category for the baby's first word, the length of hair, the shape of ears, or any other fun facts about the baby.

Many people find this game an excellent way to bond and share ideas while celebrating new life through laughter and fun.

Free Printable Baby Birth Pool Guess Game Sheet

Download and print this free printable baby birth pool guess game. The sheet's completed size is 11x17 inches, and the finished design can act as decor for your baby shower.

This guessing game is an excellent addition to any baby shower. It's easy, fun, interactive, and perfect for anyone attending to know the new arrival. The game allows guests to share their excitement and love for the baby-to-be in a unique and personalized way. So, put on your thinking caps and get creative with this baby shower game. Download and print the sheet, and let the predictions begin!


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Baby Birth Pool Guess Game

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