Homemade Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

These homemade gift ideas are perfect for Valentine’s Day. Make these cute crispies, put them in goodie bags, and tie Valentine’s Day Gift Tags. These make for such thoughtful gifts for the classroom or to gift a loved one.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

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Looking for homemade gift ideas this Valentine’s Day?

These super cute heart-shaped rice crispy treats wrapped in cute goodie bags, with pink and red gift tags make for perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for teachers, classmates, coworkers, and friends!

Personalized gifts are always counted as thoughtful, unique, and show that you care.

Homemade Gifts for Valentines Day

Normally, you can make rice crispy treats square or rectangle-shaped, but these being special for Valentine’s Day, you can use a heart-shaped cookie cutter to make these cute hearts.

Download these free printable Valentine’s Day Gift Tags to go along with these treats.

These go perfectly with Valentine’s Day gifts for kids, especially with these Valentine’s Day Rice Crispy Treats gift bags.

Valentines Day Rice Crispy Treats


These homemade treats are heart-shaped, are super delicious, and will be gone before you know it.

Homemade Gift Ideas

Printable Gift Tags Valentines Day

Homemade Gift Ideas

Valentiens Day Gift Ideas

You only need a handful of ingredients like Rice Crispies, Marshmallows, Heart Shaped Cookie Cutter, Butter, and Red food coloring.

Ingredients for Rice Crispy Treats

To make these homemade treats, start by melting the butter (take 1 tbsp). Put the microwave-safe bowl containing butter in a microwave, and microwave for 15 seconds.

Stir with a spoon. Microwave for another 15 seconds, stir again. Repeat until the butter is completely melted.

Melt the butter in a bowl

Add (1 1/4 cups) marshmallows to the melted butter. Microwave again for 15 seconds. Stir with a wooden spatula. Microwave again for 15 seconds. Stir. Repeat until the butter and marshmallow mix is completely melted.

Add the colorful marshmallows to melted butter

Add a drop or two of red food coloring. Depending on how red you want your rice crispies to be, add or reduce the color. Mix until incorporated fully.

Add red food color to the mix

Mix until incorporated fully

Add rice crispies (2 cups). Mix really well. Rice crispies will start showing pink in color.

Add the rice crispies to the mix

Fold in the rice crispies until fully mixed

Line the baking sheet with wax paper. Spread out the pink crispy mixture evenly on the baking sheet. Make sure to evenly flatten the surface with a wooden spatula. Sprinkle your favorite sprinkles.

Line the baking tray and spread the mix on the tray

Let it cool for some time. When it is firm enough, using a heart-shaped cookie cutter, cut out the hearts.

With a cookie cutter cut out the hearts

Cut out all the hearts

There you go! Enjoy these cute homemade treats with your loved ones. Such Homemade Gift Ideas make for wonderful and thoughtful gifts that the recipient is sure to enjoy.


These rice crispy treats make such cute gift ideas when you pack one or two in a goodie bag, tie with red or pink ribbon. Download the Valentine’s Day Gift Tags printable, print and cut along the edges of the tag you wish to attach with the goodie bags.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

Here’s the Valentine’s Day Gift Tags Printable for you to download for free.

Valentines Day Gift Tags

Download Here

Valentines Day Gift Ideas

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