Due Date Calendar Game

Baby Due Date Calendar Game is a fun and engaging game where guests have to guess the baby's date of birth. Download and print this free printable game.

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  • Editable Little Cutie Baby Due Date Calendar Game
    Editable Little Cutie Baby Due Date Calendar Game

    Little Cutie Due Date Calendar Game Sign- Edit and Print the Files Yourself

  • Due Date Prediction Calendar
    Due Date Prediction Calendar

    Guess the due date prediction calendar printable is a fun addition to your baby shower party. Guests have to guess the baby's due date. They guess their arrival date by filling in the boxes.

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How to play Guess the Baby Due Date Game?

This easy to follow and simple to play baby shower game does not require any fancy or expensive supplies. All you need is:

  • Free Printable Baby Due Date Calendar
  • Markers for the guests

To play,

  • Fill in the dates of the month in the boxes when the baby is due. Let's say, if the baby is due in August, fill all the squares with dates starting from 1st through 31st. Make sure to double-check the day corresponding to that date is correct.
  • Laminate it and display it so everyone can easily see and access it.
  • Have all the guests write their names in the dated squares they think the baby will be born.
  • The winner will have to wait for a while though because parents will find out who the winner is after the baby is born.

This one is such an interactive and engaging game, that will make for a fun keepsake for parents.